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Creative Design:Civil Engineering + Artificial Intelligence

21 09 2018

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The course final defense of Creative Design was successfully held in College of Civil Engineering and Architecture (CCEA), Zhejiang University on September 13. The course teachers, Prof. ZHAO Yuxi, Prof. DUAN Yuanfeng, Prof. LI Yuchao, Associate Prof. MENG Tao, Associate Prof. ZHANG Dawei and the course student representatives, together with Mr. ZHANG Liang, the vice director of the teaching affairs office of the undergraduate college of Zhejiang University, Mr. MAO Yiping,  the researcher of the teaching affairs office of the undergraduate college of Zhejiang University, Prof. LV Chaofeng, the vice dean of CCEA, Ms. ZHANG Wei, the Deputy Chair of College CPC Committee, Ms. JIANG Xiuying, the ex-director of education section of CCEA, Mrs. LU linlin, the director of education section of CCEA, were members of the evaluation panel. 

The course design theme for this year is "Civil Engineering and Artificial Intelligence". The undergraduates in civil engineering from Zhejiang University, Guizhou University and Tarim University, a total of 77, participated in this course. During the curses, the students thought out of the box and actively explored the integration of civil engineering and artificial intelligence. From brainstorming, model manufacturing, and final presentation, the student teams showed their creative ideas and great sense of collaboration. All the teachers and students on site were led by the teams to imagine the intelligent civil engineering in 2050, deeply impresed by their works, such as the AI moving castle, the flying buildings, the floating space supply stations, the hexagonal rotary farm, the intelligent modular structure et al. At the end of the course defense, the Best Team, the Best-Model team and the Best-Presentationstudent were selected and awarded. 



Creative design has been developing for ten years. On the occasion of this course’s beginning in the 2018 academic year, the 10th anniversary was held on September 4, 2018. During her visit to Imperial College London, Prof. ZHAO Yuxi, founder of the course, came into contact with the open and cooperative undergraduate teaching model of Imperial College London. After she returned to Zhejiang University, with the support from College of Civil Engineering and Architecture and the department of civil engineering, she organized a young teaching team and set up this course in 2009.With the development of the curriculum, Tsinghua University, Southeast University, Tongji University, Beijing Architecture University, Guizhou University and Tarim University gradually joined, contributing to the development of this course.


More about Creative Design, please visit:http://www.oldccea.zju.edu.cn/czxsj/redir.php?catalog_id=11