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Unveiling the mysterious veil of heart transplantation——Face to face with a medical master

25 10 2018

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“What is the function of heart?” ”What?! Can hearts even be transplanted?” “Would people suffer a risk of changing the heart?” With the stream of questions, the students sat on their seats of East 1B-308 punctually as usual, listening attentively to the lecture delivered by a heavyweight. This handsome teacher on the platform is Zheng Zhe ,  a Distinguished Professor of Chang Jiang Scholars Program and a National Leading talent in Scientific and Technological Innovation.


Invited by Professor Xu Xiao, who is the associate dean of Zhejiang University School of Medicine and the lecturer of general education course organ donation and transplantation-- the relay and continuation of life, Professor Zheng Zhe came to deliver a course Thinking of the heart—heart transplantation for undergraduates. The teaching schedule of this general education course has been in half. In the past few weeks, the students have had a profound understanding and more thinking on the historical development, technological innovation and social ethics of organ donation and transplantation.