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    List of Undergraduate Programs
    School   of Humanities1Philosophy
    2Antiquity   & Museology
    3Chinese   Language & Literature
    4Studies   of Chinese Classical Text
    5Editing   and Publishing
    7Fine Arts
    8Visual Communication   Design
    9Environment Design
    10Chinese Calligraphy   Studies
    11Chinese Painting   Studies
    School   of International Studies12Translation   and Interpreting
    13Russian   Language and Literature
    14Japanese   Language and Literature
    15German   Language and Literature
    16French   Language and Literature
    17Spanish   Language and Literature
    18English   Language and Literature
    College   of Media and International Culture19Journalism
    20Teaching   Chinese to Speakers of Other Language
    21Broadcasting   and TV
    School   of Economics23Economics
    24International   Economics and Trade
    26Public   Finance
    Guanghua Law   school27Law
    College   of Education28Pedagogy
    29Sports   Training
    30Wushu   and Traditional Chinese Sports
    31Sports   Industry and Management
    32Physical   Education
    33Public   Affairs Management 
    School   of Management34Tourism   Management
    35Information   Management and Information Systems
    37Financial   Management
    39Business   Administration
    40Human   Resource Management
    41Logistics   Management
    School   of Public Affairs42Public   Administration  
    43Labor   and Social Security
    44Land   Resources Management
    45International   Politics
    46Politics   and Public Administration  
    47Information   Resource Management
    49Economics   and Management of Agriculture and Forestry
    School   of Mathematical Sciences50Information   and Computing Science
    52Mathematics   and Applied Mathematics
    Department of   Physics53Physics
    Department of   Chemistry54Chemistry
    School   of Earth Sciences55Geographical   Information Science
    56Human   Geography and Urban-Rural Planning
    57Atmospheric   Science
    58Geo-information   Science and Technology
    Department   of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences60Applied   Psychology
    School   of Mechanical Engineering62Mechatronics   Engineering
    63Industrial   Engineering
    64Mechanical   Engineering
    School of   Materials Science and Engineering65Materials   Science and Engineering
    College   of Energy Engineering66Renewable   Energy Science & Engineering
    67Energy   & Environment Systems Engineering
    68Mechanical   Design & Manufacturing and Their Automation
    69Process   Equipment and Control Engineeing
    70Vehicle   Engineering
    College   of Electrical Engineering71Electronic  Information Engineering
    73Electrical   Engineering and Automation
    College   of Civil Engineering and Architecture74Architecture
    75Urban   and Rural Planning
    76Civil   Engineering
    77Traffic   Engineering
    78Water   and Hydropower Engineering
    College   of Chemical and Biological Engineering79Chemical   Engineering and Technology
    80Pharmaceutical   Engineering
    82Resource   Recycling Science  and Technology 
    Ocean   College83Marine   Science
    84Ocean   Engineering and Technology
    85Harbour,   Waterway and Coastal Engineering
    86Naval   Architecture and Ocean Engineering
    School   of Aeronautics and Astronautics87Flight   Vehicle Design and Engineering
    88Engineering   Mechanics
    Department of   Polymer Science and Engineering89Macromolecular   Materials and Engineering
    College of   Optical Science and Engineering90Opto-Electronics   Information Science and Engineering
    College   of Information Science and Electronic Engineering91Electronic   Science and Technology
    92Information   Engineering
    93Microelectronic   Science and Engineering
    College of   Control Science and Engineering72Automation
    College   of Computer Science and Technology94Digital   Media Technology
    95Industrial   Design
    96Product   Design
    97Computer   Science and Technology
    98Information   Security
    College of   Software Technology99Software   Engineering
    College   of Biomedical Engineering and Instrument Science100Biomedical   Engineering
    101Measurement   Control Technology and Instruments
    College   of Life Sciences102Biotechnology
    103Biological   Science
    College   of Biosystems Engineering and Food Science106Agriculture   Engineering
    107Food   Science and Engineering
    College   of Environmental and Resource Sciences108Environmental   Engineering
    109Resource   & Environment Science
    110Agricultural   Resources and Environment
    111Environmental   Science
    College   of Agriculture and Biotechnology         112Agronomy
    114Landscape   Gardening
    115Plant   Protection
    116Tea   Science
    117Applied   Bioscience
    College   of Animal Sciences118Veterinary   Medicine
    119Animal   Science
    School   of Medicine120Clinical   Medicine
    121Public   Health
    122Oral   Medicine
    123Basic   Medical Sciences
    124Biomedical   Sciences
    College   of Pharmaceutical Sciences125Pharmaceutics
    International   College 127Chinese
    International   Campus128Electronic   & Computer Engineering